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History Recap / TheOddCouple1970S1E9TheBigBrothers

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Felix volunteers for the "Big Brother's Association" and ends up with a kid named Randy for every foreseeable Saturday. Oscar is initially reluctant to have Randy around, and even more so to interact with him. Then it turns out he and Randy have more in common than Randy and Felix, and the fun and trouble have just begun.
!!This episode includes examples of the following tropes:
* BeYourself: Felix talks Oscar into trying to clean up his act so as to set a good example for Randy. However, before the boy arrives, Oscar comes to the conclusion that it would set a worse example to act in a phony way with him around. Ultimately, Felix and Oscar wind up splitting the difference in activities.
* BrickJoke: While showing his stamps to Randy, Felix points out one depicting a prince which has a mistake on the face that looks like a stye. At the end, Oscar mentions that he never knew the prince had a stye.
* DisappearedDad: Mrs. Grainger never mentions what happened to Randy's father, only that he's being raised in a completely female environment. She tells Felix that she's glad Randy is getting to act like a boy.
* HowIsThatEvenPossible: Felix is flabbergasted when Oscar manages to revert his room from antiseptic to messy in the thirty-second period while Felix ran to the kitchen for beer.
* IncrediblyLameFun: Felix tries to introduce Randy to things he liked when he was his age, such as running the vacuum cleaner, collecting stamps, and going to the opera. Randy prefers Oscar's choice of activities.
* InnocentSwearing: Downplayed. When Felix apologizes for what Oscar did the last time, Mrs. Grainger says she's fine with most of it in the name of Randy getting male influence. She tells him that she can handle the few things that need adjusting, such as her son calling his grandma a "sweet old broad."

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