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History Recap / OuranHighSchoolHostClubE26ThisIsOurOuranFair

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Lady Éclair pays off Haruhi's debt, meaning she's able to leave the Host Club. She declines to leave, realizing that she has made friends in the Host Club and doesn't want to lose them. Kyoya learns that Tamaki is on his way to the airport to leave for France with Lady Éclair. The hosts race against time to recover Tamaki but find that Yoshio Ootori has ordered the Black Onion Squad to keep them from interfering. Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru end up using a horse-drawn carriage to pursue the couple while Kyoya, Honey and Mori stay behind to battle with the Ootori family police. Hikaru gets hurt in a carriage crash and Kaoru stays behind to care for him. Haruhi catches up to the car carrying Tamaki and Éclair as they are both crossing a bridge. Haruhi begs Tamaki to return and reaches for his hand, but Tamaki is stopped by Éclair. Haruhi falls from the carriage off the bridge. Éclair, realizing where Tamaki's heart truly lies, releases him and Tamaki thanks her before jumping from the car to save Haruhi. Lady Éclair looks on and reveals that her favourite house maid, who often talks about her son who loves to play the piano, is actually Tamaki's mother who she had planned to finally reunite with Tamaki. At the Ouran Ball, Haruhi dances with all the members of the Host Club. Yuzuru and Yoshio discuss their sons, with Yoshio revealing that the Ootori Company had been struggling financially until Kyoya, having worked for years to secretly develop multiple business deals, not only took ownership of the company out from under him, but allowed him to stay on as manager, basically outmanoeuvring his father to steal his company so he could then throw it back in his face as proof he didn't need the company to be happy. Both men agree to remain friends for the sake of their sons, instead arguing over whether Tamaki or Kyoya will one day marry Haruhi. The Host Club watches fireworks together. The final scene returns to the open doors of Music Room 3, rose petals swirling, as all seven hosts thank the viewers for watching and to remember that they'll be waiting.

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