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History Recap / DoubutsuSentaiZyuohgerEp10TheMostDangerousGame

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---> Written by Junko Komura
---> Directed by Takayuki Shibasaki


A group of Moeba attack. The Zyuohgers have defeated a good number of Players already. They make quick work of the grunts. This was, however, just the calm before the storm.

"Greetings, [[PunyEarthlings inferior life forms of Earth.]]" A gigantic hologram appears. The sole image of this being is enough to terrify everyone around. His name is Ginis and he is the owner of the Deathgalien. Ginis is ready to start his own game now.

"Whatever touches the dome disappears." Immediately after, a dome-shaped light screen appears over a large part of the city. It is now shrinking, reducing the area it covers. People run in confusion and children cry in fear...

"If you want to leave, look for the switch inside the dome." This Special Blood Game is even [[UpToEleven crueler than usual]]. There is not much time. The Zyuohgers go in search of the switch!


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