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Episode: Season 1, Episode 11\\
Title: Endless Slumper\\
Directed by: James Burrows\\
Written by: Katherine Green\\
Air Date: December 9, 1982\\
Previous: Endless Slumper\\
Next: The Spy Who Came In for a Cold One\\
Guest Starring: John Ratzenberger, Boyd Bodwell, Ian Wolfe]

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"One for the Book" is the 11th episode of the first season of ''Series/{{Cheers}}''.

There are two different main plot lines. One features a boisterous old World War I veteran named Buzz (Ian Wolfe) who comes into the bar for the reunion of his army squad. Buzz, in his old uniform and sporting the regimental banner, goes back into the pool room where he eagerly awaits the arrival of his buddies. The second plot line involves an apprentice monk named Kevin (Boyd Bodwell). Kevin, who is due to enter the monastery the very next day to take up a life of celibacy and a vow of silence, comes into the bar to have one last evening of fun. After a few drinks, predictably, Kevin starts questioning his decision to be a monk.

The C-plot involves Diane making a collection of pithy, interesting quotes from everybody at the bar, much to the irritation of Sam, who is the only person that she hasn't collected a quote from.


* BrickJoke: Buzz tells Sam that he needs the pool room reserved; the veterans have a tradition where the first one at the reunion strips naked and cries "Lafayette, we are here" to the others. A few minutes later Diane goes back to the pool room and a loud shriek comes from offscreen.
* ForgetfulJones: TheTeaser has a guy named Phillips ask Coach to check and see if his table at Melville's is ready. Coach goes through a whole ritual--takes off his apron, puts on the Melville's dinner jacket, adjusts his tie, goes upstairs, comes back downstairs, takes off the jacket, loosens his tie, and puts his apron on. Then he goes to the customer and says "What was the name again?"
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Kevin the would-be monk, who is thinking about abandoning his life in the monastery, puts some money in the coin-operated piano that's been broken for 20 years.. The piano works! {{Cloudcuckoolander}} Coach even says: "I canít believe it." All the cast convince the guy that it must be a signal that he is special and he must become a priest. He agrees and leaves the bar. When all comment on the miracle, Coach says he repaired the piano a week ago. When they ask him why he said ďI canít believe itĒ if he knew the piano was working, he answered that all those years he left the piano broke without any further thought, but just a week ago he felt the irrepressible urge to repair the piano, before it was too late.
* OneLastFling: A non-romantic example (sort of). Kevin the seminary student, who is one day away from a life of chastity and a vow of silence as a monk, comes into the bar to experience a night of drinking and fun before going away to the monastery forever. He calls it "a first and last fling". After he gets some alcohol in him Kevin starts thinking about losing his virginity as well but both Diane and Carla reject him.
* ThirdLineSomeWaiting: Unlike most episodes in the early run of ''Cheers'' this episode manages to work in two plots with about equal time: the seminary student looking for a last fling, and the old WWI veteran coming for a reunion. There's also a C-plot about Diane collecting pithy quotes from the bar in a notebook.
* WhileYouWereInDiapers: Buzz comes in the bar in high spirits, wearing his uniform and with his regimental banner. He brags to Sam, "I was fighting the Kaiser when your daddy was in diapers!"

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