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History Recap / BullS2E3ABusinessOfFavors

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Directed by Creator/DanLerner

Written by Creator/PamelaJWechsler, Creator/SarahHHaught, Creator/MarissaMatteo, & Creator/HPark

A college student drowns while pledging to a fraternity, which denies any direct involvement in his death, and Bull is asked to help the DA's office.



\n** BatmanGambit: When it appears that the case will be overturned due to lack of hard evidence, Bull sets things up so that one fraternity member believes that his cohorts are going to testify against him and get immunity if he doesn't turn on them first.
* TitleDrop: Many of Bull's actions are justified as "pulling favors", and he uses the phrase "a business of favors" to describe what he can do when convincing one of the fraternity members to testify even though the judge is known for dealing harsh sentences.

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'''Season 2, Episode 3'''
!! A Business of Favors



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