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'''Ozzy''': Ah, you wanna talk about wipin'?


'''Ozzy''': Ah, you wanna talk about wipin'?wipin'?\\
'''Drix''': NO!!!


-->-- Creator/LouisCK


-->-- Creator/LouisCKCreator/LouisCK

[[AC:Films -- Animation]]
->'''Ozzy''': I'm not kidding man, my high school was Crack Central. No, it was ''IN'' the crack. Right in the stanky, pucky center. We were so poor, we lived off peanut butter and cellulite sandwiches. You ever try to blow dry your hair with a fart?\\
'''Drix''': OK, I get it, you were poor.\\
'''Ozzy''': You bet I was. You ever try to make a snowman with toilet paper cling-ons? Now, ''that's'' poor.\\
'''Drix''': OK, please, you're going to make me vomit.\\
'''Ozzy''': Vomit? We couldn't afford no vomit, that's for rich folks.\\
'''Drix''': Excuse me while I wipe my eyes\\
'''Ozzy''': Ah, you wanna talk about wipin'?
-->-- ''Film/OsmosisJones''

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-> "Why are you(bank) mad at me? I don't understand what... How is this something I'm doing to you? She was like, 'Sir, you only have $20, that's not enough. You can't only have $20!' I was like, look, I'm not being broke just to fuck with you, I really donít have any money! I'm not trying to be a dick"
-->-- Creator/LouisCK

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