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* PerishingAltRockVoice: Brock Lindow's cleans have a very, uh... ''distinctive'' quality to them, so to speak.
* PostHardcore: A big component of their musical stylings. Unlike the nu-metal edge that permeated both their late 90's and early 2000's works, this part of the band's sound is still present.

!!Here is your broken list of tropes, the one left of heaven


!!Here is your broken list of tropes, the one left of heaven

* ''Lanterns'' (2017)


* ''Lanterns'' (2017)(2017)

!!Here is your broken list of tropes, the one left of heaven

*Main/{{Metalcore}}: Of the melodic variety. ''Rest Inside the Flames'' marked the first time they committed to this style, with subtle traces of it having already existed on the previous album.
*NuMetal: What their pre-''Rest Inside the Flames'' material was in essence, particularly ''Bitterness the Star''.
*ShoutOut: They took their moniker from the 1977 movie ''The 36 Crazy Fists'', which Creator/{{Jackie Chan}} was the stunt coordinator and action director on, not to mention he made a cameo in it.
*SopranoAndGravel: Brock is usually a one-man example.

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36 Crazyfists (abbreviated as 36CF) are a Main/{{Metalcore}} act who initially came straight out of Anchorage, Alaska. Having formed in 1994, they originated from the remnants of three local bands. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, they have put out eight studio albums over the course of the 25 years that they've been together thus far.

!!Current members
* Brock Lindow - lead vocals (1994-now)
* Steve Holt - guitars, backing vocals (1994-now)
* Mick Whitney - bass (1996-2008, 2012-now)
* Kyle Baltus - drums (2012-now)

!!Former members
* JD Stuart - bass (1994-1996)
* Ryan Brownell - guitars (1994-1996)
* Thomas Noonan - drums (1994-2012)
* Brett "Buzzard" Makowski - bass (2008-2012)

* ''In the Skin'' (1997)
* ''Bitterness the Star'' (2002)
* ''A Snow Capped Romance'' (2004)
* ''Rest Inside the Flames'' (2006)
* ''The Tide and Its Takers'' (2008)
* ''Collisions and Castaways'' (2010)
* ''Time and Trauma'' (2015)
* ''Lanterns'' (2017)

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