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[[caption-width-right:350:''I had to run so far to find a clear spot.'']]

''Clear Spot'' is the sixth studio album by Music/CaptainBeefheart. Continuing in the blues rock direction of ''The Spotlight Kid'', the album was produced by Ted Templeman of Music/TheDoobieBrothers and Music/VanMorrison fame. Nevertheless, the album is quitessential Beefheart, and remains amongst his most highly regarded albums. Apparently, even Beefheart's best frenemy Music/FrankZappa considered it his best work.

However, the album went out of print for several years before being paired with its predecessor on CD and again as part of the ''Sun Zoom Spark'' boxset.

Fan favorites include "Low Yo Yo Stuff", "Circumstance", "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles", "Clear Spot", and "Big Eyed Beans From Venus".


[[AC:Side One]]
# "Low Yo Yo Stuff" (3:41)
# "Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man" (3:46)
# "Too Much Time" (2:50)
# "Circumstance" (3:14)
# "My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains" (2:55)
# "Sun Zoom Spark" (2:13)

[[AC:Side Two]]
# "Clear Spot" (3:40)
# "Crazy Little Thing" (2:38)
# "Long Neck Bottles" (3:18)
# "Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles" (2:57)
# "Big Eyed Beans From Venus" (4:23)
# "Space-Age Couple" (2:32)
# "Golden Birdies" (1:36)

* Music/CaptainBeefheart: vocals, bass clarinet, tenor and soprano sax, harmonica
* John "Drumbo" French: percussion, broom.
* Bill "Zoot Horn Rollo" Harkleroad: guitar, slide guitar, mandolin
* Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston: guitar, bass.
* Roy "Oréjon" Estrada: bass.
* Art "Ed Marimba" Tripp: marimba, percussion, broom

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