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* ThemeNaming: Rosemary, Thyme, and Lily are all plants, and Rosemary and Thyme are both plants used as seasoning.

* ImpossibleLeavening: This trope is justified by magical ingredients. Which make it possible to ruin kitchens on a much larger scale. The positive side of this is impossibly fluffy, airy cakes.

* Secret Ingredient: All magical baked goods contain at least one secret magical ingredient.


* Secret Ingredient: SecretIngredient: All magical baked goods contain at least one secret magical ingredient.

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* TruthSerums: The Cookies of Truth make people tell the truth.

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Rosemary Bliss and her siblings are descendants of the ancient Bliss family. Their family’s cookbook, called the “Bliss Cookery Booke” contains magical recipes, and the baked goods sold in the family bakery improve the life in their hometown in subtle yet mysterious ways.

Disaster strikes when the parents have to leave the town for an extended period of time. Distant relatives of the Bliss family know about the “Booke” and want to have it for themselves.

The Bliss Bakery series follows Rosemary’s (mis)adventures in trying to protect the book and its (somewhat dangerous) contents from the claws of evil relatives and, of course, the big industry.

!! The Bliss Bakery Series contains examples of:

* ComfortFood: Rosemary’s comfort foods include cake. And, of course, the family also can make food that comforts a little more efficient than the ordinary comfort food.
* CoolUncle: Aunt Lily is so cool that Rose wants to be like her, and Rose’s brother Thyme has a crush on her.
* CookingDuel: In the second part of the series, Rose has to win a baking duel against an adult.
* ImpossiblyDeliciousFood
* IntellectualAnimal: There is a talking cat who at least fancies himself cleverer than his human owner. He does save the day on occasion. Also, a [[spoiler: mouse who plays the flute better than any human.]]
* LovePotion: The Bliss children get it into their heads to play matchmaker for two people who are obviously attracted to each other, but to shy to act on it. Naturally, as per the rule of drama, something goes wrong. [[spoiler: The magical love muffins are so overdosed that the male victim climbs onto a fake eiffel tower to publicly declare his love. The woman he loves is, of course, completely weirded out by this as she knows and loves him as a shy and gentle man.]]
* Secret Ingredient: All magical baked goods contain at least one secret magical ingredient.
* NonHumanSidekick: One relative of the Bliss family owns a talking cat, which plays the role of sidekick to the children.
* TalkingAnimal: A talking cat makes an appearance in the second installment of the series.

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