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''[[ Pendulum Zero]]'' is an ongoing dark fantasy {{Web Serial Novel}} written by an author going by the name of Nistica, as of september 2020.

The story follows nineteen year old Casey, a high school dropout suffering from depression, as she due to some unusual circumstances surrounding her family, ends up attending one of the most prestigious institutions for higher magical learning in the world of Eorbe.

Here, she quickly finds out that she has to live and work together with four other students who each have their own reasons for coming to this school.

The plot centers around their daily lives at this place as the five of them work towards achieving their goals and dreams.


! '' Pendulum Zero '' contains examples of:

*{{Dark Fantasy}}: On first glance it doesn't exactly seem to fit into this trope as the world the story takes place in is quite peaceful. However, as the plot progresses it soon becomes pretty clear that beneath its surface there are a lot of darker aspects to be found.

*{{Team Spirit}}: The magic in this world is categorised into two types. Magica and Sorcery (also called the True Art). Sorcery magic spells require at least two or more different mages to work together. On the other hand, this is not needed if one wants to cast a Magica spell.

*{{Wizarding School}}: The main character of this story attends Aldor Academy of the Mundane and Magical Arts. A highly prestigious {{Boarding School}} in the world of Eorbe where one goes if they decide to continue their studies of magic after their secondary levels of education. That is,'' if '' they get in.

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