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''My New Kitten'' (1994) is a [[PictureBooks picture book]] written in the FirstPersonPerspective of a new kitten owner. It was illustrated by Creator/DanaCamerini and was published by ''[[ Random House]]''. What's interesting to note about this book is that the illustrations are boxed giving the book a almost [[ComicBooks Comic Book]] or [[NewspaperComics Comic Strip]] feel to it.
!! This book provides examples of:

* AgeCut: The kittens, they went from tiny to about half their mother's size.
* CuteKitten: As to be expected, they are present in the book.
* FirstPetStory: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]], since the kitten is not the owner's first pet, that's implied to be the kitten's mother. It's still ultimately about how much the kitten's owner loves her new kitten and the responsibility it take to care for it.
* KindheartedCatLover: The kitten's owner since she not only owns it but it's mother as well.
* TheManInTheMoon: The moon seems to have a nose.
* MonochromaticEyes: The eyes of every character seen are pure white.


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