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* The era of tape wiping still occurs, even for Series/DoctorWho (except it was spared any permanent damages thanks to the deal with Desilu).
** Well... ''sort of''. "The Feast of Steven"[[note]]The ChristmasEpisode of "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS3E4TheDaleksMasterPlan The Dalek's Master Plan]]"[[/note]] still winds up being wiped before Desilu could step in. As such, that particular episode is the ''only'' missing episode for Doctor Who.
* The creation of home video ''and'' the Home Video Wars still happen.
* UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan still becomes president, [[spoiler: albeit the 38th. Sorry, UsefulNotes/GeraldFord]].
* Music/TheBeatles still end up breaking up by 1970.
* [[ The Archie Bunker Vote]]? [[ Yep]], still a thing ITTL.
* The Magnavox Odyssey is still a video game console that comes out in 1972, "graphical overlays" and all.
* In regards to Music/{{Queen}}: "The membership of Queen, and the circumstances of its formation, are largely identical to OTL."
* ''Film/{{Moonraker}}'', ''Film/LiveAndLetDie'' and ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun'' are still made.
** Plus "Moonraker"'s score is generally the same as the OTL version [[spoiler: despite John Barry recording it in the UK ITTL[[note]]He couldn't IOTL because of being a tax exile from the United Kingdom at the time.[[/note]].]]
* Unfortunately, TTL's 1972 Olympics suffered [[ the same tragedy]] as IOTL.
* In spite what was mentioned above, "[[ Day and Night]]" (which gave "a more comprehensive picture of all that was available to American (and Canadian) television audiences in the early 1970s") revealed little changes ITTL in that regard.
* Creator/CarlSagan still gets to make ''Series/CosmosAPersonalVoyage'', [[spoiler:albeit with help from [[Series/MisterRogersNeighborhood Fred Rogers]]]].
* The Oil Crisis of 1973 still happens.
** Also, the Greenpoint oil spill also occurs [[spoiler:but is discovered in ''1976'', instead of OTL's 1978.]]
* Despite ''The Greenpoint Dilemma'' being a factor in killing the concept of [[spoiler:microwave power, microwave ''ovens'' stick around.]][[note]][[ Confirmation; 8th response.]][[/note]]
* "{{Series/Dallas}}" may be called "Texas", but we still end up asking that famous question: "Who Killed J.R"- er, "Who Killed ''T.R''"?
* While [[spoiler:''Deep Space'' isn't a Star Trek spin-off]] (Herb Solow vetoed it when suggested), it still has some similarities to our [[spoiler:Tartikoff/Roddenberry-[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine involved space-station show]]... such as a resident merchant alien character whose name begins with 'Qu' and ends with 'rk']].
* ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' still ends by 1981, [[spoiler:with the added bonus of it being picked up in 1974 by [=ABC=].]]
* Despite [[spoiler:Canada]] going against the USSR and the score this time being [[spoiler:"5-4"]], we still have the "Miracle On Ice".
* Guess what, the Soviet Union still invades Afghanistan.
* Amazingly enough, Charles Bluhdorn winds up [[spoiler:dying of a heart attack as IOTL]], within the ''same time frame''[[note]]IOTL: February 20, 1983. ITTL: February 25, 1983[[/note]].
* Due to "Here's Lucy" not being made (allowing for the surname "Carter" to be used) and because Lucille Ball decided to play [[spoiler:[[Franchise/StarTrek the President of the United Federation of Planets]] for "Star Trek: The Next Voyage"]] ''with'' said surname, guess what? [[spoiler:[[NamesTheSame We still have a President]] [[UsefulNotes/JimmyCarter Carter]] [[NamesTheSame ITTL!]]]]
* Los Angeles still gets to host the Olympics ITTL. [[spoiler:But it's the 1988 Olympics...]]
* [[ You ready to have your minds blown?]] Even though there are about 20 years worth of butterflies that would suggest otherwise, [[spoiler:[[UsefulNotes/OtherSegaSystems the Sega SG-1000]], Creator/GameFreak and '''[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pocket Monsters]]'''[[note]]in ''trading card game form'', no less[[/note]]]] are all still things ITTL. ''I know, right?''
* [[Film/{{Scarface1983}} Scarface]] still gets made ITTL and still stars Creator/AlPacino.
* Brandon Tartikoff still gets to make a two-word pitch ITTL: [[spoiler:"[[Series/MiamiVice MTV cops]]"]].
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' still winds up being cancelled in the eighties, after becoming a TroubledProduction with RunningTheAsylum fans scoring cheap points and a particularly annoying teenaged companion.
* The 1980s revival of ''Series/MissionImpossible'' still features Phil Morris as Grant Collier, the son of his father's character Barney Collier.

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