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  • The era of tape wiping still occurs, even for Doctor Who (except it was spared any permanent damages thanks to the deal with Desilu).
    • Well... sort of. "The Feast of Steven"note  still winds up being wiped before Desilu could step in. As such, that particular episode is the only missing episode for Doctor Who.
  • The creation of home video and the Home Video Wars still happen.
  • Ronald Reagan still becomes president, albeit the 38th. Sorry, Gerald Ford.
  • The Beatles still end up breaking up by 1970.
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  • The Archie Bunker Vote? Yep, still a thing ITTL.
  • The Magnavox Odyssey is still a video game console that comes out in 1972, "graphical overlays" and all.
  • In regards to Queen: "The membership of Queen, and the circumstances of its formation, are largely identical to OTL."
  • Moonraker, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun are still made.
    • Plus "Moonraker"'s score is generally the same as the OTL version despite John Barry recording it in the UK ITTLnote .
  • Unfortunately, TTL's 1972 Olympics suffered the same tragedy as IOTL.
  • In spite what was mentioned above, "Day and Night" (which gave "a more comprehensive picture of all that was available to American (and Canadian) television audiences in the early 1970s") revealed little changes ITTL in that regard.
  • Carl Sagan still gets to make Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, albeit with help from Fred Rogers.
  • The Oil Crisis of 1973 still happens.
    • Also, the Greenpoint oil spill also occurs but is discovered in 1976, instead of OTL's 1978.
  • Despite The Greenpoint Dilemma being a factor in killing the concept of microwave power, microwave ovens stick around.note 
  • "Dallas" may be called "Texas", but we still end up asking that famous question: "Who Killed J.R"- er, "Who Killed T.R"?
  • While Deep Space isn't a Star Trek spin-off (Herb Solow vetoed it when suggested), it still has some similarities to our Tartikoff/Roddenberry-involved space-station show... such as a resident merchant alien character whose name begins with 'Qu' and ends with 'rk'.
  • The Muppet Show still ends by 1981, with the added bonus of it being picked up in 1974 by ABC.
  • Despite Canada going against the USSR and the score this time being "5-4", we still have the "Miracle On Ice".
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  • Guess what, the Soviet Union still invades Afghanistan.
  • Amazingly enough, Charles Bluhdorn winds up dying of a heart attack as IOTL, within the same time framenote .
  • Due to "Here's Lucy" not being made (allowing for the surname "Carter" to be used) and because Lucille Ball decided to play the President of the United Federation of Planets for "Star Trek: The Next Voyage" with said surname, guess what? We still have a President Carter ITTL!
  • Los Angeles still gets to host the Olympics ITTL. But it's the 1988 Olympics...
  • You ready to have your minds blown? Even though there are about 20 years worth of butterflies that would suggest otherwise, the Sega SG-1000, Game Freak and Pocket Monstersnote  are all still things ITTL. I know, right?
  • Scarface still gets made ITTL and still stars Al Pacino.
  • Brandon Tartikoff still gets to make a two-word pitch ITTL: "MTV cops".
  • Doctor Who still winds up being cancelled in the eighties, after becoming a Troubled Production with Running the Asylum fans scoring cheap points and a particularly annoying teenaged companion.
  • The 1980s revival of Mission: Impossible still features Phil Morris as Grant Collier, the son of his father's character Barney Collier.

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