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* Some of the messages in Video Gifts, like "you're my best friend" and "Thanks!"

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* The fact that Poppet and Buster Bumblechops are both very kind to Moshlings.

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* The fact that all the while, Poppet stays positive and reminds Katsuma that "it's not about you". She's also the one who cares the most when something bad happens to a character.

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[[folder: The Game]]
* Adopting Moshlings in missions could be this. They have nowhere to go, so they end up at your monster's place.
* The fact that Nimbus was willing to help the Super Moshis, even after they purposely made him angry in a previous mission.
* Sometimes, you as a player have the option of doing good during the missions even if you don't have to, which can give some people a warm and fuzzy feeling.
** In "Welcome to Jollywood", you can give Splutnik back his jetpack.
** In "Big Top Bally-Hoo", you can feed Captain Squirk a sandwich he's been wanting.
** In "Kick Some Asteroid", you make it hot to un-freeze Judder but Tomba melts. You can make it cold again to un-melt him.
** In "Bungle in the Jungle", you have the option to feed Dundee the crocodile a Fried Oobla Doobla.
* The fact that Fuddy the Moshling is all about helping people.
* At one point in "Super Moshi March", a Furi is seen looking tearful but then perks up instantly when a Super Moshi hands him a Skypony who was presumably their missing pet.
* The fact that Marcel, despite his species being said to be arrogant and the fact that C.L.O.N.C. employed him, was helping the Super Moshis in "Choc-o-Dile Blues".
[[folder: The Movie]]
* The song "We Can Do It". It's about optimism, determination and teamwork rolled into one.
--> We can do it. Yes, we can do it. If we pull together, then there's really nothing to it. Oh, we can do it. But we gotta get to it. Look inside your heart, just make a start and we'll get to it.
** Not to mention that it got Katsuma to be a bit less arrogant and a lot more determined and it cheered up both Poppet and Katsuma, who were in tears previously.
* At the end, everything comes up roses: [[spoiler: Mrs Snoodle hatches]], Buster Bumblechops's leg is healed so he no longer needs a wheelchair, Katsuma [[spoiler: learns to whistle]] and everyone's singing a song about how "we're in this together".
[[folder: Other]]
* The fact in that the merchandise book, Santa lets Strangeglove and the Glumps off the hook and the Glumps agree to tidy up.

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