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[[folder:Re-binding the Hunger Demon]]
* In the comic book, it makes perfect sense that John Constantine would be forced to repeat the shaman's ritual in order to bind the Hunger Demon to a willing host who, subsequently, must starve to death. John is a hedge wizard with few resources, fewer friends, and no real options but crap ones. It makes ''less'' sense in the series where he has an angel on speed dial and the resources of the De Winters mansion at his beck and call. ''Surely'', he could have come up with something a little more practical than this?
** Considering Manny actually shows up and urges John not to go through with this plan, ''but'' doesn't offer any alternatives, it's likely that this was indeed the only way.
** It seems to be that the demon can only be killed or banished by that specific ritual, in most supernatural type media, more powerful demons usually have like one true way to beat them, its assumed that the demon ''could'' be sealed in a jar or something, but it would get out, whereas the ritual was the one sure fire way, sadly.

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