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* In the song "Just a Few Simple Rules" from the special ''Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too'', Rabbit outlines his new rules as mayor of the Hundred Acre Wood. One of his rules is that everyone has to do chores at the same time, so he brings Piglet a scrub brush to wash dishes.
-->'''Piglet''': Uh, thank you, Rabbit, heh, but all of my dishes are already washed.
-->'''Rabbit''': Uh, that doesn't matter. All chores are to be done at the same time, all over the Wood. It's simply more organized. ... ... ''But I can cite no greater crime / Than to sweep at sleeping time / Or to use a schedule different from my own!''
-->'''Piglet''': Uh, what time is it now, Rabbit?
-->'''Rabbit''': Time to sing the chorus, of course.
* In "Buster's Bath," the characters are trying to get Buster, who HatesBaths, to see that BathsAreFun. They ask their friends to bring their best bath toys, only for Rabbit to show up with a shower cap, which they note isn't exactly a toy. Rabbit replies that he would never take a bath without one, and besides, baths aren't for having fun, they're for getting clean.
-->'''Tigger''': Not exactly the message we're lookin' to send. Next!
* In "Darby's Super Sleuth Surprise," the Super Sleuths discover Rabbit making pies for a SurpriseParty for them, which he excuses as making pies for the winter. They ask if he wants help, but he says that he doesn't. They walk away, discussing how it's odd that he didn't want their help...
-->'''Tigger''': Well, you know ol' cotton-bottom. He's the self-deficient type. Ya' know, a real do-it-without-ya kinda guy.
* In one installment, Rabbit can actually be heard singing "''Doing the dishes is one of my wishes.''"

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