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-->'''Roger''': It's a braw, bricht, monolicht nicht tonicht, mate!


-->'''Roger''': It's a braw, bricht, monolicht nicht tonicht, mate!mate!\\

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* Every time Isambard whacks someone with [[GagNose his enormous nose]] by accident in Series 1. It gets lampshaded in Series 2, as the main characters always duck if Isambard turns around.
** Even better when Isambard [[AmusingInjuries knocks himself out]] in "The Lost Starfighter" when he tries to crouch down into the Firefly.
* This piece of dialogue from "The Legend":
-->'''Dr. Agon''': Now what repeats itself over and over again with monotonous regularity?\\
'''Trump''': You? ''(gets strangled by Dr. Agon)''
* In "Bird of Prey", Sir Squeakalot accidentally [[ViciousVac hoovers up Lyca's manuscripts]], leading to her having to do them all over again.
* Even though "A Stitch in Time" is one of the darker episodes of the show, it does still have some funny moments. One particular example is when, during Dr. Agon's attack, Sproggle is thrown from his navigation console and [[BecomingPartOfTheImage gets his head stuck in the portrait that Lyca was painting]].
* In "Lost in Space", Roger tries imitating Isambard's Scottish accent, with hilarious results:
-->'''Roger''': It's a braw, bricht, monolicht nicht tonicht, mate!
'''Isambard''': There's only one person in the whole universe who can speak with a Scottish accent [[WhatTheHellIsThatAccent as pathetic as that!]]

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