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* A few funny moments happen at the HighSchoolDance at the end of the movie:
## Star's show sitting in a chair with her leg in a cast and watching Chrissy dancing with Fernando, obviously upset that he chose Chrissy over her.
## When Zeke and Ping (presumably now a couple) are shown dancing together, Zeke proves to be a not-so-good dancer, and both he and Ping but end up falling to the floor--but the two end up simply laughing it off.
## What really convinces Mac to give Adrien's friend, Derek, who happens to be student at Bay City High School, a chance? Adrien reveals that he has 4.0 GPA (this moment also doubles as heartwarming).
## The giant worm Chrissy threw away during her and her friends first "training session" as superheroines ends up showing up again at their school dance, crashing through the ceiling of the school gym--it just seems kind of funny that Chrissy, Ping and Mac seem more upset about the worm interrupting their school dance (and them dancing with their dates) than they are about the worm potentially endangering them and their schoolmates.

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