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'''Note:''' As per wiki policy, Fridge pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned!

!! FridgeBrilliance
* At the end of the game, Lu becomes Babbage's assistant while Sorensen gets pushed to the side. It might seem like he's being unfairly treated, but in truth it's most likely because Sorensen learned all he could under the tutelage of Babbage, and so he got assigned menial tasks until after the end of the game, where he gets sent to research gears in a mountainous area. Meanwhile Lu had enthusiasm for the subject and was willing to learn, so Babbage taught her instead while Sorensen kept trying to suck up to Babbage instead of trying to learn more on his own. In the end he wasn't being treated unfairly by Babbage, Babbage just knew Sorensen would rather live in the professor's shadow and took on someone else until he had a good excuse to make Sorensen think for himself.
!! FridgeHorror
* Visit Rainwall after the end of the Godwin occupation and talk to some of the [=NPCs=]. These people have clearly been put through trials of their own.
* Visit Doraat after you liberate it the second time. The town is significantly less populated than the last time you were there, given that Childerich led a ruthless mass-slaughter of innocent civilians and everybody is completely shell-shocked and morose.

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