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* TheSociopath: Albert Robertson, who tried to kill his own mother because of his misogyny, wants a world war to cleanse the Earth of anybody he doesn't like, and is a paedophile because of the innocence children have.

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[[caption-width-right:183:May she rest... in pieces.]]

'''''Poor Albert & Little Annie''''', also known as ''I Dismember Mama'', is a 1972 American {{horror film|s}}.

Albert is a young man who absolutely ''despises'' female sexuality. He tried to kill his mother in the past, and was institutionalized. Now he's escaped, and is after her again. As Albert kills anybody who stands in his way, he forms a bond with a young girl named Annie, viewing her as the only innocent woman he's ever seen. Meanwhile, an exasperated detective and Albert's psychiatrist both work to find the madman before it's too late.
!!This film contains examples of:

* BigBad: Albert Robertson, our homicidally misogynistic VillainProtagonist.
* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler:Violent misogynist and paedophile Albert falls out a several story window while trying to kill a child.]]
* FanDisservice: All the nudity in the film is shown during Albert's sexually violent murders.
* GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath: Its better-known reissue title, ''I Dismember Mama''.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Albert views the vast majority of women as filthy harlots for having any kind of sex life, but is also a paedophile.
* InsaneEqualsViolent: {{Averted}}: While Albert starts the film in a mental asylum after trying to kill his mother, it's made clear that his mental faculties are all in working order, he's simply a violent misogynist who [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney isn't in prison only because he's rich]].
* PaedoHunt: Albert develops an attraction to Annie, who's 11, due to her innocence.
* NameAndName
* SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny: Albert believes any woman who is in any way sexual, including for reproduction, is a filthy harlot who has to die. This leads to him committing acts of sexual violence on his victims before killing them.
* TheSocialDarwinist: Albert's greatest desire is a world war to purge the Earth of "inferior clods."
* StrawMisogynist: Albert is convinced that all women are depraved harlots and deserve to die.
* TooSmartForStrangers: Rare non-{{Aesop}} example. Albert's relationship with Annie plays out like this. After killing her mother, Albert bullshits a claim that she went to the doctor and he was sent to take care of her, using the fact that he's her boss's son to his advantage. He then takes her out to various fun activities in-between his killings, eventually [[PaedoHunt developing a lust for her innocence]]. [[spoiler:At the end, his lust makes him decide that Annie is a filthy harlot and he tries to kill her.]]
* VillainProtagonist: Albert, a violent misogynist who wants to kill his mother and [[PaedoHunt falls in love with a child]].

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