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* In most fan fiction, the 'X' on Ragnarok's face comes from an X-shaped scar he had as a human.
* In canon, Crona speaks clearly most of the time, and only starts to stammer when zhe gets nervous. To read any fic featuring Crona, though, you'd think zhe stammers out every word zhe says.
* It's generally accepted among fans that White Star was the leader of the Star Clan, despite nothing ever being said about his rank.
* Due to a misinterpretation of Spirit's use of a Japanese term for wife ("kamisan"), most English-speaking fans believe that Maka's mother was named Kami. er name was never actually revealed.
* Many fans like to think that the pillow Crona is seen holding to themself in several episodes was given to them by Maka.
* In fanfics featuring Stein and Marie's children, they usually have ''Literature/{{Frankenstein}}''- themed names like Victor or Shelley.
* Crona has an AmbiguousGender in canon, but fans usually pin them as female due to their pink hair, slight build, and friendship with Mako. The second most popular interpretation is that they're non-binary.

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