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* Half of the fandom believes that Lelouch became the now-immortal Code-and-Geass-wielding RR (Japanese R = L) who lives happily ever with CC ala Spice and Wolf's Lawrence and Horo (Lelouch and Lawrence do have the same seiyuu after all), as allegedly shown in the "Cart-End" final episode. This mainly due to the fact during and after Lelouch's attack, C.C.'s mark is always covered by her hair, and thus unknown if it is gone or not. As it turns out in the [[ CodeGeass picture drama]] set after the end of R2 [[spoiler: he's dead]].
* Fans also love to justify Kallen's SpellMyNameWithAnS by claiming she goes by "Karen" some of the time, usually using one name in public and one when she's doing Black Knight stuff. Others opt for the idea that she really ''is'' named Karen, and "Kallen" is her attempt to reject her "slave name". None of this reflects on canonicity; in fact, characters who only know her in her Stadtfeld identity still call her "Kallen".
* The origin of Lelouch and Nunnally's false surname, Lamperouge; more often than not, it's believed to be their mother Marianne's maiden name, but there's been precious little information about Marianne before she married Emperor Charles[[note]]There was a short LightNovel detailing an attempted coup in the 1990s, but it only ever refers to Marianne by her first name[[/note]].
* It's common among fans to assume that Marianne has French ancestry.
* Many fans assume that Milly Asford was more aware of events going on then shown. They generally suggest that she was at least aware that Lelouch was Zero, or suspect he was connected to him somehow, due to knowing him for so long.
* Due to material from the Light Novels, his appearance (and death) at Narita, and the presence of Code R in the same location, many fans believe Joseph Fenette was connected to Code R. Shirley is rarely, if ever, told this.....[[BreakTheCutie for her own good]].
* Fans are also fond of referring to the first season as "R1", since the second was called ''R2'' and they seem to assume the R stands for "Round" or something similar (this also extends to calling ''Lelouch of the Resurrection'' "R3" for short). Officially the first season was only ever referred to by its full title or simply "''Code Geass'' Season 1", while WordOfGod said that "R2" stood for '''R'''eturn and '''R'''evolution, the two things Lelouch accomplished over the course of the season.
* Rolo looks like a male version of Nunnally and has an eye color that only the royal family has. This has led many fans to speculate that he's either Nunnally's long-lost {{Half Identical Twin|s}} or that he's her illegitimate half-brother.
* Nunnally isn't quite as innocent as she seems. She's very similar to her brother Lelouch in terms of cunning and intellect, but she [[BeneathTheMask hides it behind a cheery mask]].
* Being a Code bearer is a DeathActivatedSuperpower. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the theory that Lelouch became immortal at the end of the series.
* Fanon will often suggest that V.V was responsible for Lelouch's geass acting up and the resulting 'Euphinator' incident. While he definitely made the aftermath worse, there is no clear evidence that V.V had anything to do with the events that occurred at that point, even if it is not hard to imagine V.V doing so.

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