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Hello, welcome to my page. I've lurked here for years. Only recently (2020 for those of you reading this in the future) did I start actually contributing in earnest. Mostly deal with superheroes, Star Wars, cartoons and some video games, as well as pages related to the Super Best Friends and their associates.

Hopefully I'll make many more contributions to the site in the future, provided I don't have a Social Anxiety-induced mental breakdown before that.


Tropes launched:
Nighttime Transformation
Memetic Personality Change
Spiritual Crossover
Split-Personality Switch Trigger

Other pages created by me:
SelfDemonstrating.Purple Man
Laconic.Noodle Burger Boy
Laconic.New Super Man
Laconic.Superboy Prime
ComicBook.Blaze Of Glory
Quotes.Blaze Of Glory
ComicBook.One Hundred And One Ways To End The Clone Saga
ComicBook.Season One
Fanfic.Darkest Destiny
Haiku.Marvel Universe (though largely copy-pasted from the first issue of Chaos War)
Haiku.Tales From The Borderlands
Haiku.Tangled The Series
JustForFun.Quote Mine
Webcomic.Life Of Wily
ShoutOut.Life Of Wily
PlayingWith.Spiritual Crossover

Pages I translated or helped translate into pt-br:

O Determinado (Determinator)
Ele Está de Volta (He's Back)
O Poder do Ódio (The Power of Hate)
Sorriso Final (Dying Smirk)
Vilão da Vez (Big Bad)
Vingança (Revenge)


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