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''[[ An 'April Fool's' Errand]]'' is a {{Interquel}} FanFic in the ''Fanfic/HadesAndSephSaga'' by [[ Agent of Teal]] set in-between ''Fanfic/PlightOfPersephone'' and ''Fanfic/DaddysLittleHellraiser''.

When Hades discovers a little known Roman celebration based around him the fiery god decides to bring it to Greece, by playing the Ultimate April Fools Prank on his mother-in-law!

!!This fanfiction contains examples of:

* AnachronismStew: In RealLife, April Fool's Day has Catholic origins dating as far as the 14th century. Here, it started in Ancient Rome in dedication to Hades (or at least to the fictionalized accounts of him, Persephone and Demeter told by Homer).
* DudeWheresMyRespect: One of the reasons Persephone hates attending Olympus's springtime celebrations is because she has no say in the decorum or how the celebration is managed despite spring being within her domain.
* EnemiesList: Hades has an Afterlife Revenge List, a list of names of people that Hades has a grievance with. He isn't allowed to go after them while they are alive, so he makes a list (adding tallies next to them overtime whenever he gets pissed off about them) so that he can inflict revenge on them after they die, the number of tallies dictating the severeness of his vengeance. Names on the list include Orpheus, Asclepius, Hercules and Homer.
* IdleRich: Hades and Persephone humorously remark that Zeus has too much time on his hands when they see a doodle of Zeus with a lightning bolt drawn next to the words "By Order of Zeus" on their springtime celebration invitations.
* NotNowKiddo: Demeter claims that she and Persephone agreed for a "Garden-Fresh" theme for the Springtime celebration. Persephone then corrects her and pointed out that she picked the theme herself and expected her to go along with it.
* ThatWasntARequest: When Hermes points out that Hades complains about not being given a spot on Olympus only to hate coming up to Olympus during celebrations, Hades points out that he and Persephone were not so much invited into coming as much as forced to come by royal decree with the "By Order of Zeus" written in big, obvious red letters.
* ThrowTheDogABone: Despite having a holiday based off of Homer's [[EverybodyHatesHades slanderized account of how he met his wife]], Hades is happy just to have a holiday dedicated to him for once.
* YouDidntAsk: When Hermes reveals to Hades that he has a holiday dedicated to him, it takes him completely off-guard. It is not until he finds out that it comes from Rome does the astonishment end, Hades not all that crazy about Rome and [[EmbarrassingNickname the name they gave him]].


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