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Walter Kamau Bell (January 26, 1973) is an American stand-up comic and television host best known for ''Series/UnitedShadesOfAmerica'' for Creator/{{CNN}}.

He is married to Melissa Hudson Bell and they have three children.


* ''Series/TotallyBiasedWithWKamauBell''
* ''Series/UnitedShadesOfAmerica''
* ''Podcast/DenzelWashingtonIsTheGreatestActorOfAllTime''

* ''One Night Only''
* ''Face Full of Flour''
* ''Semi-Prominent Negro''

* ''Literature/TheAwkwardThoughtsOfWKamauBellTalesOfASixFourAfricanAmericanHeterosexualCisgenderLeftLeaningAsthmaticBlackAndProudBlerdMamasBoyDadAndStandUpComedian''

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