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The Character Page for ''LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemonWaningMoon''. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see [[Characters/TwitchPlaysPokemon here]].


!Major Humans

[[folder:d76o6yttr?? (Devin)]]
!!d76o6yttr?? (Devin Yates)
A boy who recently moved to Alola. He's following the path Nigel took, but actually just wants to emulate his hero, Ilima.

* CelebrityCrush: How some see his admiration for Ilima.
* TheDitz: He tries his best, but he's kind of a moron.
* GottaCatchEmAll: Unlike Abe and Evan, he doesn't ''have'' to capture every Pokémon he meets. Like them, he does it anyway.
* HappilyAdopted: Some lore states that Devin ran away from his AbusiveParents and was adopted by his mother back in Kanto.
* NonElemental: Devin is a fan of Normal-types, both his team and the Ride Pokémon he summons.
* RaceLift: He had dark skin before an accident with a soft reset made him paler.
* TragicDream: He wants to master riding Tauros and the like, but he has no idea how to actually make them go where he wants them to go.

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