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* [[Characters/StarWarsOuterRimTerritories Outer Rim Territories]]: Sesid (Draedans, Aurelant)



[[redirect:Characters/StarWars]]All character tropes should go on '''the ''Star Wars'' [[Characters/StarWars character pages]]'''. The characters from ''Moving Target'' are listed below with the character page they are currently on.
!Characters in ''Moving Target''

* [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAlliance Rebel Alliance]]: Kidi Aleri
** Rebel Heroes
*** [[Characters/StarWarsLukeSkywalker Luke Skywalker]]
*** '''[[Characters/StarWarsLeiaOrgana Leia Organa]]'''
** [[Characters/StarWarsNewRepublicSenate New Republic Senate]]: Mon Mothma
** [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAllianceAndNewRepublicArmy Rebel Alliance Army]]: Carlist Rieekan, Crix Madine, Lokmarcha
** [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAllianceAndNewRepublicNavy Rebel Alliance Navy]]: Gial Ackbar
** [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAllianceAndNewRepublicIntelligence Rebel Alliance Intelligence]]: Airen Cracken, Antrot
* [[Characters/StarWarsTheResistance The Resistance]]: Caluan Ematt, PZ-4CO
** [[Characters/StarWarsResistanceStarfighterCorps Resistance Starfighter Corps]]: Nien Nunb
* Galactic Empire
** [[Characters/StarWarsImperialNavy Imperial Navy]]: Khione


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