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* DeadpanSnarker: shows shades of this
-->'''Alex:'''So I'm the pretty one.
-->'''Emma:'''We're doomed.

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[[folder:Leo Roland]]
Played by Tim Oliver Schultz.
* DontYouDarePityMe: Gives one of these to Alex in episode two.
* Test/{{Hippie Parents}}: Leos Parents are said to have been these.
* Test/{{The Leader}}: '''Played straight''' and '''lampshaded''' by Leo himself:
-->'''Jonas:''' Are you some kind of gang expert?
-->'''Leo:''' Of course, that's why I'm the leader.
* Test/{{Parental Substitute}}: Benito to Leo.

[[folder:Jonas Neumann]]
Played by Damian Hardung.
* Test/{{Audience Surrogate}}: Jonas is new in the hospital and we first meet him, when he checks in to get his leg amputated.

[[folder:Hugo Krüger]]
Played by Nick Julius Schuck.
* Test/{{The Heart}}

[[folder:Emma Wolfshagen]]
Played by Luise Befort
* Test/{{The Chick}}: '''Played straight''' and '''lampshaded'''
-->'''Toni:''' I'm Toni and you are a girl.
-->'''Emma:''' I'm Emma.

[[folder:Alex Breidtbach]]
Played by Timur Bartels.
* Test/{{Lonely Rich Kid}}
* Test/{{Pretty Boy}}: '''Double Subverted''' and '''lampshaded''' by Leo:
-->'''Leo:''' Say, do you think he's smart?
-->'''Dietz:''' He's in a bad mood, that's for sure.
-->'''Leo:''' But he isn't particularly pretty either, is he?
-->'''Dietz:''' What kind of question is that?
* Test/{{Jerkass Woobie}}: On the one side Alex is a bully, mean and hostile to nearly everyone. On the other hand he has some sort of heart problem and a workaholic, choleric father.
* Test/{{We Used to Be Friends}}: Alex and Marvin used to be friends in elementary school, by the beginning of the series Alex doesn't want be be seen with him. Gets resolved by the end of episode three.

[[folder:Anton Vogel "Toni"]]
Played by Ivo Kortlang.
* Test/{{Abusive Parents}}: In episode four Toni reveals, that his father used to hit him as a punishment.
* Test/{{Cloudcuckoolander}}: As a result of his Aspergers.
-->'''Alex:''' Well, that really is at the ass of the moor. (German saying meaning far away)
-->'''Toni:''' Which moor?
-->'''Alex:''' Sorry, I meant that it's really far away.
* Test/{{The Smart Guy}}: '''Double Subverted'''. Toni isn't shown to be more intelligent than the others, but his Asperger enables him to talk to the comatose Hugo. '''Lampshaded''' by Jonas.
-->'''Jonas:''' To me it makes sense. He's smart in a special way. He can talk to Hugo.

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