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As the band that eventually morphed into Music/BadCompany and gave Music/{{Queen}} a veritable replacement for Music/FreddieMercury in Paul Rodgers, you know these guys must've kicked some ass.
* Their second album, ''[[SelfTitledAlbum Free]]'', is one of the grooviest albums recorded in rock, with the chugging [[ "Songs of Yesterday"]], soulful [[ "Free Me"]], and heartrending [[ "Mourning Sad Morning"]].
* While the ''Fire and Water'' album also gave them [[SignatureSong "All Right Now"]], [[ "Mr. Big"]] has a stellar drum/bass groove and one of the best solo trade-offs ever in rock between Paul Kossoff and [[LeadBassist Andy Fraser.]]
* [[ "Wishing Well"]] is a rollicking beast that opens their last album, ''Heartbreaker''. And it's got no less than ''two'' equally kickass covers!
** Blackfoot's [[ version]] injects some Southern Rock alongside the blues. Helps they're led by Music/LynyrdSkynyrd alumnus Ricky Medlocke.
** [[Music/ThinLizzy Gary Moore's]] [[ version]] goes even further, with shredding solos aplenty!

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