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* The way Hime manages to quash rumors that Mitsuki is bullying her into being her schwester- she says, in all honesty, that she's Mitsuki's schwester because she wants to be. Considering that lying is Hime's primary MO, it's a refreshing change to see her use the truth for once.
* Back in middle school, Kanoko, who had GotVolunteered into making a sign for a video congratulating their teacher for getting married, destroys her sign in a fit of anger, only for Hime to catch her in the act. After Kanoko truthfully confesses to what she did, Hime lies, claiming that Kanoko has an alibi and that Kanoko is TakingTheHeat to prevent the others from holding a witch hunt against their classmates. She not only gets Kanoko out of trouble, but even manages to convince the classmates who'd stuck Kanoko with the job of making the sign to pitch in themselves.

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