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* Ryougi Shiki's climactic fights in the movies. Armed with a knife and her Mystic Eyes, she dances through her opponents. In the first movie, she slices through seven ghosts without stopping and pursues the mastermind ghost with a 200 ft leap to an adjacent building, where she then uses her prosthetic hand to ''[[ForceChoke force choke]] the ghost'' into knife range. The [[ThemeMusicPowerUp action theme]] that plays during this, which includes brief [[{{Ominous Latin Chanting}} Latin-esque lyrics]], helps.
* Shiki's fight in the third movie is even better, as she runs circles around a deadly foe capable of crushing anything in sight with her mind. Shiki doesn't even pause when one of her arms is twisted beyond recovery and calmly wraps it up later on.
** Add to that later in the battle: Fujino tries to use her power on Shiki, but Shiki has seen the secret and just smiles calmly and cuts through her power, followed by Shiki's speech when Fujino asks who she is: "Everything in creation is flawed. Humans don't need to be mentioned. Air, intent, and even time. My eyes can see the death of things. They're special, like yours. So I can kill anything that lives. ''Even if that thing is God.''"
** Fujino gets hers at the very end of the battle. Heavily wounded, desperate, and unable to directly attack Shiki (on top of her, poised for the kill), she sends up one last "FU" by psychically tearing down ''an entire full-sized suspension bridge'' on top of them. The carnage is beautiful.
** Furthermore, the fact that she did that revealed that she had developed clairvoyance. So she has an attack that can "twist" anything within her line of sight... and can see through obstacles with clairvoyance. GameBreaker. Made even more awesome in the novel description, since by having three extra channels open in her mind (clockwise, counterclockwise and clairvoyance) she's basically the most powerful psychic in the world.
** At the very end, when Fujino is crawling through the rubble whilst bleeding more blood out of her mouth than thought possible, it's amazing, considering how she's [[FateWorseThanDeath gone through hell]]. Ultimately the fact that she's decided to live is just great in it's own way.[[note]] It actually starts in movie 1, as Mikiya's speech at the end points out that choosing to die is weak. Fujino ''chooses'' to live. Just like Shiki in 4, which makes her just as much of a badass as Shiki in her own way.[[/note]]
*** It's a good thing she made this choice too. Her cameo appearance at the start of movie 6 and within ch6 implies that her life is starting to change for the better.
*** Expanded on in the second manga side story, Fujino stops a friend of one of the victims of Fujyo from following her in death by first scaring her and then talking to her. It's both heartwarming and awesome.
* In the fourth movie, Shiki leaps out of the window of a multi-story hospital while blindfolded and lands safely after having been in a coma for 2 years. A cat indeed. Slashing a ghoul's line of death with her finger hard enough to break said finger also counts.
* Shiki ''shearing'' through [[{{Mooks}} a veritable]] ''[[{{Mooks}} army]]'' [[{{Mooks}} of Zombies]] in Movie 5 like a lawnmower through so much grass.
* Touko finally gets her own in the fifth film in her second encounter with Alba. After the BigBad Araya rips her heart out and her head off, his partner Alba smashes her head before the eyes of her sidekick Mikiya and calls her a "dirty red" (a simultaneously very vague, very specific, and very grave insult towards Touko). When Alba tries to finish Mikiya off, Touko suddenly appears and reveals that she has had a puppet for a few years who is exactly like herself. Alba goes crazy over whether the puppet was killed or the real one. Touko on the other hand doesn't care about this and kicks Alba's ass, only explaining that she swore to kill everyone who calls her a "dirty red".
** In the novel version of this fight, she redirects Alba's thousand degree sea-of-flames spell, and nonchalantly uses it to light her cigarette.
* The elevator scene when Shiki "wakes up." Who knew someone could look that epic stepping out of an elevator?
* Araya Souren being awesome:
** First fight in the 5th movie when he ''reverses time'' to heal his arm. Then ''he wins a fight against Shiki''.
** After the final fight. He shows no anger towards Shiki for killing him and then calmly accepts his death whilst having a last conversation with Touko.
* Azaka and her last fight against Ouji and her fairy BulletHell in the sixth film. At the beginning her movements were a little clumsy, but after she was roughed up a little bit, Ouji lost her control over the fairies and was attacked by an giant, eh, flower? Suddenly Azaka TookALevelInBadass, avoided the attacking fairies by running over the row of seats, [[ActionDressRip ripped her cloths for better movement]], tackled the flower thing, blasted it up from the inside and gave it a Heel Drop Kick just for the hell of it! Then it EXPLODED in the what might be the most spectacular explosion ever seen in an anime.
* In the last movie, Shiki's final battle where she bites off her thumb to escape from a pair of handcuffs and then dismembers Lio in less than a second.
* At the end of the last movie, Mikiya has been knocked unconscious, been stabbed in the leg, forced to swallow drugs, and then been stabbed in the eye. When he wakes up, his first thought is whether Shiki is all right. He drags himself up a flight of stairs and across the floor to where she is lying, and, seeing she is all right, doesn't collapse in relief and exhaustion, but comforts her. In fact, all through the seven movies, Mikiya has a long, slow, [=CMoA=] in that it is he who keeps Shiki sane.
* In the DistantFinale, it's shown that when Shiki faces a precognitive assassin who tries to kill her by setting up a RubeGoldbergDevice DeathTrap designed to make her death inevitable, Shiki [[ScrewDestiny isn't having it]]. None of this "ProphecyTwist" nonsense -- Shiki just uses her eyes and her knife to destroy the future that he created due to his actions giving this future an existence that she can kill.

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