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* When Jane spins the van around at the end of the chase and takes out both the following cars with a couple of shots. From the driver's seat. After they spent most of the chase trying to take out the same three cars.
* John in the [[spoiler:other]] elevator
* On several accounts: Jane nailing the annoying little bastard "The Tank" with a phone, John and Jane fighting each other at the restaurant and at home, and the final scene where [[spoiler:John and Jane take out all the assassins back to back. That's a level of marriage that is too awesome for words.]]
* During the car chase, a mook leaps from his vehicle into the back of the van. John grabs the mook and uses his momentum to push him out the opposite door, then comments how handy the double doors are.
* John got four Irish mobsters to let down their guard long for him to not only get close to them but also have a rousing couple of rounds of poker with shots before doling out the other kind of "shots." The actual fight lasts less than thirty seconds. Jane's hit is no less impressive, even if she did tip them off at the end.

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