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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Servbot: Are these music that really enhance a scene, or are these just our favorite pieces of music? Because if it's the former, I don't think Opening Themes like "You Wa Shock" counts (unless if it was used in the series itself as a Theme Music Power-Up or some such).

Darkdata: music that really enhance a scene, Theme music may fit but I can't watch the examples. Dial-up bites.

wia: I'm thinking there really should be at least *one* example by John Williams on there... From the ones I've heard, Raiders' March, the Imperial March and the Star Wars (main) Theme... possibly Duel of the Fates as well.

Some Guy: I was a big supporter of launching this, but the article is really pretty sloppy right now. It needs to be more clearly defined and formatted.

nevermindme: Meh, tis a fun page, but it does needs some cleanup. One solution could be to add a separate section for opening themes to shows; that'd get them out of the way and appease everyone who demands to put 'em up.

Thingus: There's a tune from One Piece that fits, the first I remember of it is when the nakama are striding up to the gates of Arlong Park and Luffy kicks the doors in. I say this here instead of in the article because I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED [/frustration]. Anyone help?

Bob: A You Tube search for "Arlong Park" gives this clip, the description of which says the song is "Overtaken". That scene also go under Crowning Moment Of Awesome and Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming. I'll let you write the example. Later: Okay, I wrote the example.

Nerdorama: Regarging "Trombe!", is that not a JAM Project song? I thought they did all of Super Robot Wars' original music? My mistake, I guess.
Heliomance: Scratched a You Tube link due to the video no longer existing. -
TClaymore: Moved the non-SMT Dance music link to the proper section. It is NOT from the games.
Prfnoff: This is one music trope I haven't contributed to. Why? Because the definition is hopelessly vague, even for a subjective trope. It could be boiled down to Gushing About Shows You Like, which accurately describes many of the examples. I'm suggesting this to be cut.

Rogue 7: What's so wrong about having a compendium of really awesome music? I've found a ton of really awesome stuff thanks to this page.

Ninjcrat: I've also lost a few hours browsing this page. :) On a more general note, the mood of a wiki depends on what kinds of things it encourages. I'm all for encouraging a positive attitude and good music.

OotS Fan: Just for Fun pages are exempt from that little rule. See Crowning Moment Of Awesome.

Gloating Swine: Whilst it's as subjective as a trope can be, the fact that the soundtrack impacts audience reactions to a scene is well worth noting on this wiki, and this is one of the ways that happens. Keep it.

Prfnoff: I still can't accept the idea of a page dedicated to listing "really awesome music", and I think I know why. It's really difficult to describe a piece of music in words, unless you narrow down what kind of music it is or at least specify the sort of scene it's supposed to accompany. The description of Crowning Music Of Awesome does neither in order to cover just about everything possible. In fact, a number of the examples in the Music section don't actually accompany anything except the life of Report Siht.

Joysweeper: This is one of my favorite pages. I'm generally leery of trying new music without someone recommending it and actually noting why they like it, and there's a lot of good stuff here.

Bob: It might be time to split this article by medium. Considering the length of the Video Games section, I would suggest using the "folder" markup (Fast Eddie suggested using it as an alternative to splitting the Crowning Moment Of Awesome articles up by series) for specific series. Example:

    Castlevania has a proud tradition of awesome music. All the versions here are the originals (when available), since there's enough remixes out there to choke a horse. 

Bob: If there are no objections in a couple of hours by tomorrow, then I'm going to start splitting the article by genre like so: Crowning Music Of Awesome Anime. I'll leave the shorter sections, such as "People", "Web Original" and "Professional Wrestling" in the main article.

Bob: Okay, I'm splitting it now.

Later: Is this enough, or should I make separate articles for Western Animation and Live-Action TV as well?

Rogue 7: I'd vote own pages, just for consistency. And nice job on this.

Bob: I'll do that then.

Korodzik: Aw man! Just noticed this: "Some of these link to You Tube, so if you wish to listen to them in stereo, add "&fmt=18" to the link without the quotation marks. This may negate some of the awesome, but in some cases it may also elevate the song to godlike status." ...and now I must to listen to all the songs again, using this feature.
Chaos Akita: Why are so many people putting random J-pop songs in the anime section. Yeah, they were featured in an anime...for advertising.
cg12345: I'm recommending Jeff Stoldthood for a double Made Of Win for this comic about John Williams. The panel about Williams trashing his hotel room like a rock star is hysterical all by itself.

The second Made Of Win is cause that comic convinced me to listen to this. Ho. Ly. Shee-eet. And I don't even like anime.

On a related note, another Made Of Win to Bob for posting the link to "Tank!" in the first place.

And another one to Korodzik for taking the time to go through the entire article and get rid of the crud at the end of the You Tube links.

Starscream: So...are we gonna make more pages like this? Crowning Music Of Heartwarming? Tearjerking music?

Rogue 7: Nah, just stick any music you think's good in here. Youtube links preferred.

Lord TNK: Think music is big enough to have its own page now?
Moocow1452: Made Of Win to whoever put up the EBA picture.

Sharm Hedgehog: That was me.

Myth Sage: Sorry about being a downer, but I have one small problem. Is it that difficult to see if a single song's been listed before? I'm not against redundancy; it can just be a simple mistake. But still. When you see Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" posted three or four separate times, then somebody's missing something. Sorry for being a self-righteous prick. 's just that it's been bugging me. (I won't delete it, though. It might be good fodder for a Departmentof Redundancy Department pothole.
  • Mike: There sure is! Its called "ctrl-F" and "people putting the name of the song in the entry".

The Anti Elite: Maybe it's just me, maybe it's the story that goes with it in my head, but Groove Armada's (It Was) Easy makes me tear up something fierce. Also, how did Hybrid's Finished Symphony and If I Survive NOT make the list in the Video Game Sections...aside from the fact that most people couldn't get past Kinetica's cover, for the latter, or probably never bothered to UNLOCK it in SSX Tricky in the case of the former...
Ray Ayanami: I propose that this entire section be nuked, it's just people listing their favorite music. If Squick needs to go, these pages too.

Komodin: I honestly agree. In fact, I think Sugar Wiki in general should be completely purged.

Voodoo Master: Dunno if this is the right place, but I think that we should keep this page. Even if it's poorly-defined, well, we're not Wikipedia. We don't need to be precise. If you want, you can just redefine it as "music that we tropers like", because that's basically what it's turned in to. Personally, I want to keep this just because... well, it's a bunch of links to cool music. I like cool music. I want to keep this page.

...and don't we have an exchange similar to this one just near the top?

  • the main page is turning into a post your favorite band. I propose a separate spot for that "music troopers like" or whatever, and include only songs of note, such as Beethoven's 9th on this page. Never gonna give you up could stay for obvious reasons.

Insanity Prelude: Why do you hate good music? D: Seriously though, Sugar Wiki and Darth Wiki are fun and they keep this stuff off the main articles (usually.)

Max Chaplin: Thing is, when nearly every artist, song and 30-second tune has at-least one fan, this page uncontrollably grows into a dreadfully messy catalogue of all music ever, with lots of "more crowning than thou" gush-offs as a bonus. I say, if we want this page to be useful, it should be stuffed into the Crowner. Like all subjective pages, BTW.

I still rather like the Elite Beat Agents picture. What happened to it? ~From, nobody.
KiTA: Looks like someone's going through and blocking the Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga videos, outside of the REALLY horrible "English" versions. Anyone know of a link to the original video? The ones I can find on Youtube are "blocked in your country due to a copyright restriciton".
Jedi: Personally, I think the music in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 when you're fighting Primal Dialga in the Hidden Land is quite awesome. People who have played the game will probably know what i'm talking about, if not, search "Primal Dialga Music" on You Tube. Sorry I can't get a link to an actual vid.

—- Alcockell : Over Jesus Christ Superstar - personally, I prefer Murray Head's Judas...


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