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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

CA Lieber: Wow, that's not remotely close to how I say half those words. I'm getting a distinct Slavic accent, am I right, or nearly.

The Bad Wolf: not even close, below is an explanation from my original ill fated edit of the main Funetik Aksent page.

The Bad Wolf: before we get into how what I consider a great opportunity for self referential tropes is a page you think is unreadable wall of text a few notes.
  • The accent used to render this is my own, suburban New England with hints of New Jersey and London (basically standard American with a few regional variations) so if it isn't phonetic to you, well it's phonetic to me.
  • No excess use of apostrophes the speaker isn't leaving anything out, so I don't need to see were something has been ellipsed.
  • L, R, s, N, and a few other consonant are allowed to count vowels as to an American speaker "r" is the nuclius of the word "bird," y is always pronounced as a consonant and is used a lot (as is w) in diphthongs.
    • Robrecht: Actually, phonetically, you'd have to write bird as 'bərd', since you write an 'i', but pronounce a schwa. (as much as that may seem an oximoron)
  • I didn't change any content (besides some natter), just changed the spellings of all words.

Rissa: I have no idea how you got the index to do that, but I love it. The Bad Wolf: redirects and potholes, they are your friends.

Eponymous Kid: So, like, what accent exactly is this supposed to be in? Oh, snap!

SpiriTsunami: A rather bad one, apparently. Let's see if we can't fix this...

The Bad Wolf: are you saying I have a bad accent :'(


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