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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Sikon: Surely there is a less blurry picture? This WikiMoon page has a less blurry version of the picture currently used in this article, and there are plenty of them to choose from in other episode summary articles.

(added) Okay, replaced the image, hope someone will upload the new one. Also, changed Usagi's link because she's not The Ditz, she's The Fool. (And evolves into The Messiah as the series progresses.)

Sikon: Took out "especially in the United States" because I fail to see how the situation is different elsewhere, with the possible exception of Japan.

Rebochan: Guys, please stop changing Ali's name. It's really hard to translate, and "Ali" isn't quite right either, but "Ail" is a bad fan translation that isn't even pronounced right for the pun its supposed to be, while "Ali" is a compromise provided by ADV who did translate the second series.

God I hate how many puns this show used in its Theme Naming.

Ali and Ann being siblings is not Main/Fanon its stated in the last episode that they appear in (13th episode of R) that they were born from the Doom Tree, therefore they are siblings.

Hey, can someone help me out with what episode this image is from?


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