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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Looney Toons: Removed

* Theme Naming (the goddesses are named after actual Germanic goddesses: Verthandi, Skuld and Urth).

because they're not just named for them, they are them. That's like saying the various states of the United States are examples of theme naming because they happen to have the names of the various states.

Haesslich: Would Volume 30 of the manga, and various incidents over the years, qualify Belldandy as having a bit of a Stepford Smiler complex? Even when she's patently unhappy she'll smile and try to gloss things over... right up until the lightbulbs blow and demons from Norse hells get summoned. Shouldn't this be called OH my goddes, thats what the author fellow said in some other article.

ILP: Why is this "Ah My Goddess"? Surely it would be "Oh My Goddess" since we say "Oh my god", not "Ah my god". At least where I come from.

Dante668: The most common English title I've seen for this series is "Ah! My Goddess!" (complete with exclamation points). Is a rename to the punctuated title needed?


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