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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

s5555: No space sims? No point-n-click adventures? Where are the old genres?

HeartBurn Kid: Point-'n-click adventures are under Interactive Fiction, lumped with text adventures and the like. I don't think we have a page for space sims yet, though. Want to start one?

Cidolfas: This is now the real page for Video Games Of Note, which redirects here. It really plays two roles (showcasing video games and describing the genres). Not all genres listed here are indexes though. We should probably have a cleaner way of doing things... any suggestions are welcome.
SsnakeBite01: I'd like to start a Postal article. Now, the first game is a third-person shooter game and the second is an FPS. In which category should I put it? Also, should I start one article for the entire series, or one per game (due to their different styles). Also, what about the movie adaptation?! Is there any way to put the whole thing in one article, or should they all have their separate entry?


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