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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Cidolfas: The description for this page was way too long. Descriptions of a work shouldn't detail every single thing that happens in it. I'm going to pare it down a bit.

Space Ace: This movie/book has me thinking we need a cultural gap trope. In other words, The Princess Bride is virtually unknow in Europe, and only came to my attention because of the insane amount of referencing people do with it in regard. In fact, I thought it must be very new and I'd here about it in real life in a few months. And even when that didn't happen, I couldn't fathom it being so old and me having never even heard of it.

And the first to tell me I should read/watch it gets an assfull of foot.

Silent Hunter: Certainly, yes, a Cultural Gap trope is a good idea.

You should read/watch it (Prepares for a kicking).

Earnest: Why doesn't it have a Literature markup at the bottom anymore?

Colin: Because I didn't realize there was one. The problem has been solved.

Earnest: Nice writeup, by the way. I don't know weather it's the site or the movie, but it's pretty amazing that it got a full writeup no less than half an hour later. :D

Colin: I had ment to do this for awhile and this was the first good chunk of time I had. I didn't know of your request when I wrote this.

Sean Tucker: Oh gods, this had me rolling. Made Of Win.

Starscream: Huh. So apparently I'm the only one who found the movie boring - I fell asleep halfway through the first time I watched it.
  • Tom90Deg: Naw, it's not just you. I gave it to one of my friends, cause I figured she would like it. Her responce? "It was so boring! 'As you wish, as you wish', that's all he says!" Of course, there may be some Culture Gap there, as she's Indian and watches Bollywood movies.
Mr Death: Sounds to me like she never made it through the first ten minutes. Maybe if she gave the other 90% of the movie a chance she'd like it.


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