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Kendra Kirai: Careful now, wrestling is real. It's just staged. There's scripts, just like any other series. The fight scenes are choreographed, just like any other series...and also like most series, people can get seriously hurt during filming. Just because it's scripted doesn't mean there's no risk to the 'actors'. What it isn't, is a sporting competition. It's not real sports.

YYZ: Notwithstanding the "It's Still Real To Me, Dammit" guy, I think the fans figured that out long before they gave in and admitted there was a script.

Looney Toons: It seems to me that by this point there should be separate pages defining Heel and Face, instead of embedding "(bad guy)" and "(good guy)" minidefinitions everywhere the terms appear.

HeartBurn Kid: Done.

HeartBurn Kid: OK, no making links to promotions unless you're going to write an article on them, OK?

McJeff Need some outside opinions. Some other Troper is trying to claim that Bret Hart qualifies as TheWesley. I've been reverting, but I think it's going to take more than one opinion to get this guy shouted down. Unless I'm the one that's wrong.

McJeff That same troper mentioned above is now at it on The Scrappy.

DHM : I'm not sure about the choice of words in the description. Prowrestling is NOT "choreographed like a dance". Wrestlers don't know exactly what is going to happen during the match. The winner is decided, a few spots are discussed, but there's never any rehearsals, nor any complete "script" of a match. Much is left out to improvisation within the usual "structures" of a wrestling match.


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