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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Heroic Jay: Ummm... what's the scope on this? If it was "plot coupons that are also useful in gameplay", someone somewhere along the way lost it. It's a severe reach to say that FF 9's Trance system, Chrono Cross's save points, or Disgaea 2's combo rates are "Plot Coupons". It looks like someone along the way twisted this into "things that are useful in the gameplay and the plot."

Don't get me wrong, some examples work, but this page looks like it's in dire need of trimming.

PS: Looking back on it, the reason the title and contents don't seem to mesh is that this is a rename (from Gameplay and Story Integration). It's still rather awkward that it's for "Plot Coupons" when more than half the examples aren't.

Mman: You moved it back to its equally wrong form? The wrong examples should be moved to aversions in Gameplay and Story Segregation.

Mman: I started on that, I might have missed some bad examples here, but I think I got most of them.

Heroic Jay: If you're talking to me, don't. I didn't move anything back. I just complained that the page's scope didn't match the title. And, actually, it isn't so much "moved back" as "copied".

Jerrik: Just out of curiosity, what exactly was the reason for changing this page? I tried to look up the discussion for it, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Kriegsaffe No 9: I don't like the new page title... at all. Especially since "gameplay and story integration" goes way, way beyond plot coupons that do something. What about games like The Godfather, where characters have realistic durability? Or games where your characters are just as strong out of cutscenes as they are in them? Or games like Half-Life where any and all story elements are by necessity borne out in gameplay? One of the most recent GASI examples I can think of is Brutal Legend, where a type of enemy that nearly killed the heroine really is that deadly to someone not in a vehicle. That's not a plot coupon, that's the story and the gameplay being integrated.

Mman: This trope never had anything to do with those things; it was a case of having a completely ill-fitting title for what content there was, along with people linking genuine "gameplay and story integration" examples to it making its definition very muddy until the name change to refer to what it actually is. Of course if you want a real Gameplay and Story Integration trope here you can always YKTTW it, although that could just as much be a separate section on Gameplay and Story Segregation. Edit: Since these tropes fate's are very interlinked as things are now here's the forum thread I've started on overhauling Gameplay and Story Segregation (and doing something about Gameplay and Story Integration in the process):

Mman: Alright, now Gameplay and Story Segregation is fixed Gameplay and Story Integration will be gotten rid of or moved soon so the confusion is hopefully sorted.


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