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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Lale: Just out of curiosity, does anyone ever try this in real life?

Seth: Whoops. For what its worth i'm sleep deprived. (Dont edit other peoples posts)

Paul A: Seth, a tip — reading the trope page before replying would have been helpful.

Seth: Well thats just silly. Nope, would this work?

Lale: Well, your previous answer still made sense.

Licky Lindsay: I don't know if people do this with children in real life (let's hope not too often), but the entire popularity of dog-walking in modern urban life seems to be based on something very similar but with dogs instead of babies.

Seth: That could end so badly if the dog attacks the girl. Personally i just walk my dog so he can get some exersise ect ect.

Morgan Wick: Seth, are you really concerned about people "editing other peoples posts", or are you just so embarrassed at what you originally said you don't want anyone reading it at all costs, despite it being referred to in later conversation (I'm referring specifically to Lale here)? Because while it didn't fit the entry, it still fit in a weird, funny sort of way, and all I did was restore it. Only the one word "was", some parenthesis, and a colon was mine.

Seven Seals: Seth, this is a wiki with an edit history. You can't take back what you said, just amend it.

Once people have read what you wrote and responded to it, it's just bad form to re-edit it. It's counterproductive too, because everyone then wants to read what you originally wrote.

Morgan Wick: Re-restoring it.

Actually ive found its easier to pick up babes with less attractive girls. (Not as a ploy and hopefully i don't come off as sexist) If a girl sees that one of your ex girlfriends is less attractive than someone who would normally be in your "league" they tend to equate that to you being attracted to them for their personality.

Seth: Meanies.

theFirebottle : Does everyone think babies are cute? 'Cuz I don't, and I've met plenty enough perfectly ordinary people agree that babies a) are kind of ugly and b) all look pretty much identical.

Kilyle: Is there a trope on here for the way guys who are trying to present a date-able front try desperately to avoid looking like they care about children? I mean, here they are having a blast playing with some little kid, or talking nonsense to a baby, and suddenly they realize a girl is watching, and they shoo the kid along, or act like a cat ("Who, me? I was never interested in that mouse."). I saw this recently in Barnyard, but I've seen it many times before. Seems counterproductive, since women who are looking for marriage would usually want a man who's good with kids. (But then again, maybe these guys aren't looking for any long-term relationships. Hrm.)

Nobodymuch: The point there is trying to look mature. If you are playing with a child that could be interpreted as being yourself childlike.


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