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Working Title: Not Safe For Work: From YKTTW

Set: Broken link on NSFWSOAYCGIT (Not Safe for Work, School, or Anywhere You Can Get in Trouble)

  • NSFBS/NFBSK (Not Safe For British Schoolchildren/Not For British School Kids)
    •, what? I googled it, and I still don't get it.

Tabby: Google it again. The very first result explains it.

Antheia: The very first result for "Not Safe For British Schoolchildren" is "Not For British School Kids", on the other hand, has the result you probably had in mind (Urban Dictionary).

But if you google "british schoolchildren", which seems intuitive enough and is what I did first, you get a bunch of results on how British schools supposedly were to drop Holocaust lessons from the History curriculum in order to avoid causing offence to Muslims (not true according to That's a bit misleading.


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