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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Jack Butler: I don't think I've ever seen someone be so overwhelmingly possessive and protective of a trope they've launched. Do you delete examples you don't like, regardless of how much they fit the trope, on every page you have created?

Dragon Quest Z: That trope does not fit this, regardless of the name. How is it "rousing" to resign yourself to death rather than this? It might be hopeful in some circumstances, but this is not that.

Jack Butler: Okay, I get it now. You lack the imagination to see past your own self-imposed definition of the trope and refuse to accept that perhaps you might be mistaken. The cases I have mentioned are ROUSING SPEECHES that invoke "we can either be enslaved, or we can fight and die like men!" in heroic fashion. Just because you can't see past your navel does not mean that they aren't legimitate examples of this trope.

And you never answered my question: are you this possessive and protective over every page you launch? Do you filter out every single example anyone posts on any of "your" pages?

Dragon Quest Z: "we can either be enslaved, or we can fight and die like men!" That is the ykttw about "Liberty or Death" that I made, not this trope. You've even replied to that trope, so you are clearly aware of it. But it's also clear you didn't really read the OP of that, since it explains why rousing speech fits there but not here. And insulting me doesn't prove your point.

Jack Butler: And I see you are still avoiding answering my question. Nevermind. I'll let you off the hook.

Dragon Quest Z: Ask the question without burying it in insults and accusations and I will answer it.

But if it's why rousing speech does not fit, it's because this is NOT fighting for freedom but taking the death option when there is no other option than slavery. It's a resignation to that death. So in other words, you do go gently into that good night, since it's better than the alternative.


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