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Working Title: So I\'m the villain, then?: From YKTTW Perhaps we could call it Heelization....

Gloating Swine: Cut

  • In Avatar The Last Airbender, Zuko eventually realize that the Fire Nation's war for world conquest is evil, and he promptly turns good.

Because really, do you even watch the show? Zuko's character progress to eventual Heel–Face Turn took the best part of a season and a half.

Lale: Why does that matter? The entry says nothing about what precedes the realization (okay, so it doesn't say much at all...).

Gloating Swine: The example, and trope, implies some kind of sudden realisation that the character in question has been evil all along but thought they were actually doing good. That never really happens to Zuko, it's a gradual process of character development. The only time he might have bought into the propaganda was before he was exiled in the first place, and after that, he didn't care, it was all about him and his honour. But that's not shown in the show.

Star Bright: There seem to be two Apropos of Nothing examples. Could someone who's actually familiar with the work check that over? If they're referring to the same character they need to be lumped, and if not they should at least be grouped together.

Dark Sasami: Does Inspector Javert count?

Tinweasel: The Castlevania example was more a version of Amnesiac Dissonance, so I cut it from the list.

Katherine: Removed:
  • Shows up in the film version of Watchmen, when Ozymandias stands there and allows Nite Owl to beat the hell out of him after the former blows up several cities around the world and blames it on Dr. Manhattan in order to bring the world away from World War III.

...because unless I'm forgetting something big (I may be), there's nothing in the movie (and def. not in the book) that indicates Ozymandias feels regret. If anything, the opposite is true.


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