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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Susan Davis: Racial and ethnic caricatures went away due to changes in society, rather than through overuse in TV and films. Likewise, so did ubiquitous on-screen tobacco use, submissive housewives, the Red Scare, and everything covered by The Great Politics Mess-Up. Is this a separate (meta-)trope?

Ununnilium: Good point, and I'd say yes, yes it is. Perhaps something like Obsolete Trope or Outdated Trope.

Lale: Luke, I Am Your Father?

Wiki: Well some soaps still milk it. Hence why no one take soaps seriously.

Ununnilium: Actually, I'm taking this out:

...because it's any Reveal of a previously-unknown familial relationship between two characters. There's still plenty of room in there for fresh examples, above and beyond the melodramatic "For you see... I am your long-lost father!"

Antheia: I'm taking out Sand In My Eyes. Plenty of recent, straight examples on that page.


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