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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Working Title: Crapsack World With Cheesy Colors:

How is this trope distinct from The Village?

  • I'd say that actually this encompasses The Village, but has a larger scope, as seen from the examples.

Whitewings: I removed certain references from the Time Machine. The Time Traveller says that he thought this was the origin of the Eloi/Morlock split, but he also says "it was simple, elegant, and explained the observed facts perfectly. Like most such theories, it was wrong."

Insanity Prelude: So basically it's distinct from Sugar Apocalypse by... having something besides violent death to distinguish it from a normal Sugar Bowl?

I know I haven't acted Properly as a lurker, so feel free to disregard this. However, this entry shows signs of partistanism:

  • In the old(!) World of Darkness, the Changling: The Dreaming gameline exemplifies this trope to a T. Many gamers apparently looked no further than the colorful interior art (although not all of it is cute) and the fact that you can play children and furry fairie creatures, without actually reading what the setting is about, and mistakenly thought the game wasn't "gothic" and tortured enough for their tastes. Boy, are they wrong. Forget angsty vampires dressing in goth fashions. Along with Wraith: The Oblivion, oldWoD Changeling is easily the most depressing and psychologically dark game of the lot.
    • Just so it's clear: one of the running themes of Dreaming was that your fae self has woken up and become exposed to a magical world of dreams, imagination, and human potential. [[Gotterdammerung Which is slowly dying]]. Disbelief, lack of imagination and the death of potential are literally toxic to changelings; spend enough time around them, and your fae self goes dormant until the next incarnation. Most changelings fall back into dormancy by their 30s, and that's not counting the ones who are slain by cold iron — who are dead forever. Oh, and then there's the threat of Winter, the time when all Glamour fades from the world and human potential has almost entirely withered and died — basically, Ragnarok for the fae. So if you want to keep the world of make-believe, you've got to fight for it. Hard.
    • The Changeling: The Lost gameline of the new World of Darkness 2.0 has a completely different background plot and is a blatant example of a Crapsack World... and as unsubtle as a sledgehammer to the head.

The last line is the most glaring. I'm sure it at least violates one rule. Sorry!

Matthew The Raven: You haven't actually read any other pages, have you? We bitch about everything on every page. And if you complain about needless snark, someone will say that We're Not Wikipedia. (We have rules?) CrapsaccharineWorld

Sorry about that.

Feyht: I changed the irrelevant budgie picture to one of an oddly happy Termina's Moon, fitting the superficial positivity of the trope itself (not to mention the game being listed). ~ P.S.: I'm not sure whether it's acceptable to explain picture edits here or not, but that innocent Sugar Bowl budgie being 'framed' here got my goat.


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