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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Katsuhagi: What happened to this page? It lost about 75% of the examples and I can't figure out where they went in the history. I would guess that adding the image did something to it.

Evondral: Negative, I added that image when the page was stark empty, back when I fashioned the description of the trope itself. I'm not sure if there was anything before that, because when I got here there was only a single line of text that had nothing to do with the trope.

Katsuhagi: Huh, in that case I don't know. I know there was more stuff here since I added an example at one point, but even though my edit history acknowledges I made it it doesn't show what I did and just shows this page as is. Maybe code monkeys messed with it.

Trogga: Look, the movie Xanadu may be an example of this trope, but the image is not. It's just a regular poster for the movie. Images are meant to be demonstrative, not decorative.

Evondral: I really don't mind if it's deleted or not, but reading through the edit log, it seems most people are fine with it as is. Is there really a need to make such a fuss over it unless you have a better image or if people are objecting to it?

Trogga: The people who kept putting it back gave no reason other than the subject is the "best example".

Evondral: Alright, then simply consider the existing image to be a placeholder until a better image can be found.

Trogga: Orrrr, we could just not have an image. Don't see what's wrong with that.

B gal: I added something from countdown instead. compromise! :D

Evondral: To Trogga: My bad, I should have realized that was on option. Anyway, is the new image sufficient? I find it rather amusing, and it does seem to fit much better than the former one.

No Buddy: How can a movie have a BLAM episode? Wouldn't those be just plain BLAMs?

Evondral: That's a Big Lipped Alligator 'Moment', lasting only a single scene or so. Do you have any alternate title suggestions?

Raekuul: Bone pick and Justifying Words about the Pokemon/Time Travel example: Let's be honest, would your friends believe you if you told them that you went on a time-travel trip without them? Of course he's not going to mention it to his friends. Even after all the bull that Ash can say happened to him, that's just too far out there to believe.
Tsochar: Those pokemon spoiler walls were an eyesore. I de-spoilered the first one because it was at least ten years old, then the second one because I reasoned that pokémon doesn't really have a big overarching plot anyway, and even if it did the nature of the trope itself renders BLAM spoilers a moot point.

ShinyAeon: I don't get why the Maiden's Peak episode is considered a BLAM episode by the troper who added it. It goes like this:

  • 1) the characters enter a new town,
  • 2) are promptly sucked into a strange situation that appears to be something very mysterious;
  • 3) but it turns out to actually be caused by (take a wild guess) a Pokemon,
  • 4) who is NOT as malevolent as it seems,
  • 5) who ends up causing no real harm and goes its merry way,
  • 6) after which our band of intrepid travelers gets to attend a party.
How this differs from the (by now) umpteen hundred other "filler" episodes isn't clear to me.

The only really odd things about it are that A) the Gastly can talk, and no one remarks on it (the Gastly IS a Ghost Pokemon and could possibly have had centuries in which to learn human speech, but usually someone at least says "but I thought Meowth was the only one who could do that!"), and B) the fact that Team Rocket don't go blasting off at the end, but get to join in the celebrations...but that was more a refreshing break from a formula that hadn't yet been fully entrenched at that point.

So, I can't quite work out the BLAM-iness here. The plot made as much sense as Pokemon's plots usually do (more so than many later ones, actually). Perhaps the fact that the Gastly was ALSO pretending to be the old woman (who was the only source of info on the Legend for our heroes) escaped the original Troper's notice. I get that he/she was driven to "WTF?!" over this episode, but I've been semi-active in Pokemon fandom for about two years now, and I can't recall seeing/hearing anyone else say this episode was out of left field in any way. I'd recommend taking out this example entirely.

Of course, mileage varies and all that. If I'm wrong, and great numbers of people DO think it IS BLAM, please disregard the preceding. Anyone in the fandom longer than me, please feel free to correct me.


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