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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Sci Vo: Yeah. Acronyms. Ugly and cryptic, for the most part. In most cases, I think that it makes much more sense to have the real words in the trope catalog with the acronym as a redirect instead of the other way around.

Madacaek: I pretty much agree. BFG and BFS should probably stay that way. I propose changing MIB to Men/Man In Black and leaving MIB as a redirect. Also I oppose Big Name Fan turning into BNF. Even if the acronym is used more, there's no reason to make the page that title, just add a redirect from BNF.

BFG and BFS are problematic because, well, what title are you going to give it? Big fraggin'(g?) sword/gun? Big frickin'(g?) sword/gun? And obviously the more explicit F-word isn't a very good idea...

Ununnilium: Keep acronyms when the acronym is more often used. BFG is that way, and BFS is based off it.

Jisu: Yeah, keep OTP and maybe MIB. Big Name Fan is already three words, so turning it into BNF will probably make people mad. It seems like UST has already been changed... Edit: *twitch* Someone changed OTP already. That was the one that should have been kept, other than BFG and BFS.

Sci Vo: Huh. I'd never heard of OTP, but it seems to have a lot of support as a unique term. If it had the full name next to it in the catalog -- so that I didn't have to click on it just to know what it stood for -- then it wouldn't be so bad. I can do that.

Sniffnoy: I would say definitely keep BGM.

Sci Vo: I'd like more feedback on these. Might as well get the (hopefully) easy ones out of the way: I actually think that we should keep Sorry, I Left the BGM On and THC Theater unexpanded, for the reasons that I put next to them. Confirm/Deny?

Sci Vo: I decided that Tetrahydrocannibol Theater was clearly worse than THC Theater. Also, I'm an anti-fan of professional wrestling so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that it would just confuse people if we called the federations by their full names, because it seems like only journalists do that. Finally, I'm firmly in favor of keeping Tabletop Games.

Sikon: I think OTP should be expanded. Even if it's only used like that in its own subculture, people outside that subculture will have no clue. Same with SORAS.

Sniffnoy: Yeah, RPG is a definite keep. I'm going to vote for expanding SORAS, MIB, SAG, and for keeping BGM, NMA (is this ever used except as an acronym?) and, while I don't know anything about it, PWP, on the basis that it can stand for more than one thing, and hence the term seems to be centered more in the acronym than in any particular expansion of it.
Also, what /is/ the origin of the term "Expy"?

Ununnilium: I say, keep SORAS, but expand MIB. Expy comes from Windows XP, in the sense of an upgrade, and was apparently created by osh. I say keep it; it's an easy-to-use and distinctive term.

Sci Vo: I propose that a good rule of thumb for acronyms to keep would be if it's used that way in spoken language, and it doesn't have a more common meaning for the general public (which is why LCD fails). Clearly, I dislike having acronyms in trope names as a general priciple, or I wouldn't have started this page. However, I'm inclined to be sympathetic and make exceptions in the specific cases where topers actually think in those terms (like how RPG is for me), unless it would just be confusing for everyone else (like statisticians and LCD). We can put expansions next to the acronyms in the catalogue, and articles can use acronyms of expanded names by using redirects or markup, so this mainly comes down to what's at the top of the page while you're reading the article.

Sniffnoy: In that case, OVA certainly has to be kept. Also, while I know little of fanfic, I have a hard time believing that High School A.U. is preferable over High School Alternate Universe.
I like the order swap suggested for CPR.
I think Heroic BSoD has to be kept - if you make it Heroic Blue Screen of Death, then it sounds more like a BSOD that's heroic.

Brickman So we discussed this on the forum, and we ended up with a list of tropes that we decided we wanted to un-acronymize by making the acronym into a redirect at the expanded version. It's gonna take a lot of work if we want to do this right, though, so if anyone feels like helping, look here.

Etrangere: RPG has been made to redirect to Role-Playing Games, which is the videogame kind of RPG. However RPG as an acronyme is just often used to refer to Tabletop RPGs. I think we need to set up a disambigution or whatever's the name for that. How do we do that?

Tanto: Not in this wiki. Most of the references to Tabletop RP Gs go to Tabletop RPG.

Etrangere: And is there any reason why this wiki is biaised in favour of video RPG?

Tanto: Video games were added first, is all. The wiki didn't start out all-inclusive; different types of media were gradually added over time. Video games were added first, got first dibs on RPG, and it's too much of a pain in the ass (for not too much benefit) to change it. (You'd have to go through the entire list of inbound links to RPG, one by one, and change them.) Bias doesn't come into the equation.

Etrangere: Okay, thank you for the explanation.

Tanto: Incidentally, the TBS redirect should probably be eliminated, since it's also the name of a network, and I think network acronyms should have dibs on genre acronyms.

Sci Vo: Oh, dang. Forgot about the other TBS.

Sniffnoy: Oh God, you can't expand AFGNCAAP!
Morgan Wick:
  • PWP - too many meanings ("Plot? What Plot?" or "Porn Without Plot" or "Person With Person")
So, it shouldn't be expanded. And don't give me that "no such thing as one true name" bullcrap.

Sci Vo: ??? That one's already on the keep list. Are you dragging in baggage from other threads just to troll or something?


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