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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Ununnilium: First, wasn't the original Donkey Kong incarnation of Mario named "Jumpman"?

Second, I wouldn't say Super Mario Bros. 2 USA had "little effect on the future of the franchise". For one thing, that's where a lot of enemies started out which were later retconned into "real" Mario games.

Third, was the whole "Brooklyn" thing, or indeed coming to the Mushroom Kingdom from Earth via a warp pipe at all, ever explicitly stated in the games?

Kendra Kirai: 1) Yes. 2) This is true. 3) The plot prior to the games was NEVER stated in ANY of the games.

Red Shoe: It is, however, in the manual. I know no one reads the manuals, but it really is there.

Yoshi348: Still, the Brooklyn thing was never part of the game manuals either. It derives entirely from the TV show and is probably pure fanon, although since the creator has stated that there is intentionally no canon anyway it's sort of moot.

Kendra Kirai: I'm going to remove Luigi's Mansion, since Mario himself doesn't actually appear. That's a Cameo role at best.

Ununnilium: The trope is about the Mario *brothers*, though. I'd say Luigi counts.

BT The P: I think we need to include all the games featuring Mario characters, not only to showcase how many varieties of gamesw Nintendo has derived from it, but also to make the list as ridonkulously long a possible (heh heh).

Kendra Kirai: Ahh, well when you put it THAT way... :) I'd have to insist upon only listing games where the characters are a main part, not just a cameo.

BT The P: Even then, there'd be more than enough.

HeartBurn Kid: Altered the description of Mario 2, as Doki Doki Panic wasn't unfinished; it was even released in Japan.

32_Footsteps: Would anyone object if I alphabetized the game list? It's fairly haphazard as it currently stands.

Kilyle: Would it be useful to include a link to Zero Punctuation's review of (um, whichever's the latest one, I think it's the one in space)? With of course a warning that it's "for mature viewers only" or whatever would be an appropriate warning. His review is a good opinion piece about the whole franchise, I think.

Ununnilium: Meh, I don't think so, but then, I don't put much stock in his opinions anyway. Do so if you must.

Nirual: I don't think it would. Besides, it wasn't one of his better reviews anyways.

Big T: While I do put stock in his opinion, I don't think that review was good enough to put here, either. You could probably quote a few things from it for snarkiness sake, but that's about it. While you are at it, you might want to check out the Super Paper Mario review, where he actually talks about how good the earlier Mario games were.


  • And why did no one mention Luigi being kidnapped as a baby in Yoshi's Island. Granted it was before Luigi's Mansion...

"Granted" that it has nothing to do with the example. ``v

"The Wesley: Two words: Petey Piranha." Two questions:
  • When/Why did Petey become The Scrappy, if ever;
  • How the FUCK do a few sports games and two boss appearances imply that the writers love him?

  • Took out especially after Daisy's addition. Obviously some people don't understand what The Wesley really is.

  • And last i check he's not that Hated.

  • Waluigious and DK Vine/Universe are probably the biggest haters of Petey Piranha. Heck, the former proposed a new phrase based on his name:

    • Mario Neologisms, Petey

    • Petey, verb, to become increasingly and increasingly more popular for unknown reasons, this guy did nothing and still Peteyed up to the top of the charts!

  • As for Daisy... I wrote a possibly missing the point article about it based on her growing amount of appearances in spinoffs.

KI: I think the list of main games needs changing. Donkey Kong and Mario Bros are very different from the platformers, and I have no idea why Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros aren't there, unless NSMB is the fourth Mario Bros game instead of the American SMB 2, which should be clarified if that's the case. If SMB 2 USA is being counted, Yoshi's Island also should be, since it was in the Super Mario Advance series of platformer remakes like SMB 2 USA.

Mac Phisto: I've heard conflicting stories, as to whether "Jumpman" was a Carpenter or a Garbageman before becoming a Plumber.

He was a carpenter in the original Donkey Kong game.


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