Reviews: Toho Kingdom Toons

Weird, but funny

to describe this series in a word is like trying to eat artificial fruitcake, but basically to describe it in a word, i have a word for you: Weird. this show is WEIRD. the premise is basically taking the Godzilla characters and putting them in ordinary life scenarios, and sometimes not-so-ordinary. the animation has been going under a massive Animation Bump for years, but the new animation is, while not exactly fluid, easy to look at. the characters are the well-known archetypes of any series: Monster X is the Only Sane Man, Gabara is the CloudCuckoolander, Godzilla is the Nice Guy, etc. the story, while mostly nonexistent, is interesting. the comedy? forget about it! anybody with a sense of humor for randomness and Mythology Gags will love this series, like this bit:
Gabara: it makes me wanna build my own spaceship and fly around in space, just like LudwigVanBeethoven!.
5/5, a must see for any Godzilla fan out there.

Absolutly Hillarious

I Find that despite the obscurity of this series, it's probably one of my favorite shows mostly because of it's witty humor, well done characters, and in general being as much of a love letter to the kaiju eiga genre in general much as it is a Homestar Runner Style web series. i give it a 5/5, definetly a must-see for Godzilla fans.